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Now what?

We never really know where our journey is going to take us, but if we continue to follow our intuition and personal joy, we’ll always be exactly where we’re supposed to be.

I’ve had 77 days to process all of this and while I don’t have all the answers, I am ready to share.

Worx has not been immune to the pandemic. In fact, it’s taken a toll on every area of the business.

I’m sad to see our clients close their doors – some temporarily, some forever. The small business community is the heartbeat of this world and it is hurting.

I’m also sad to share that our team has been dismantled. Some have chosen to move on, others I had to let go. I’ve made mistakes as a business owner that had a negative financial impact on the company and the people in it, and for that, I am sorry.

I’m also sorry that I have not been as active and persistent as I should have been in the fight against racism. I haven’t fought hard enough for the peace and freedom for our Black community. I vow to not go silent. I am listening. I am absorbing. And I am acting. Worx always has been and always will be a place of inclusivity – now we’re just going to voice that louder and more clearly.

When the pandemic hit, we were not financial ready for its impact. Marketing is almost always one of the first areas to be cut when budgets are tight, and that has proven true in this situation. It’s irresponsible to bring employees back into an extremely unknown market, so moving forward, I will be operating Worx as an individual.

My sole focus and responsibility is caring for the people in my home, first. I have an incredibly supportive husband who stands by me through every wave of life and together we have a son that deserves his happy mom. I’ve been fighting a battle that no longer belongs to me – so I’ve blessed and released and have refocused, starting with me.

I started this company 13 years ago and I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and the resiliency that continues to shine. I am here. I am continuing to service our clients. And I am available to help you reestablish your brand as you reopen. I also understand if this is a time that is calling you in another direction, too.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs to see who they really are and then creating a brand that looks, feels, and sounds like them – one that makes them feel proud and excited for their future. I’m an idea generator. A visionary. A companion. A cheerleader. A swift kick in the mental ass. A supporter. And I am forever learning.



While 77 days seems like a lot of time, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to this life journey we’re all on. I’ve had time to process, ugly cry, yell, and hide under the covers. But I’ve also had time to dream again – to think about who I am and how I want to show up in this life. So, here’s where I stand:



This is who I am, I was honestly just too afraid to FULLY embrace it. During the pandemic I let her come alive at

When your internal power is misaligned with your external brand – you’re left feeling exhausted, frustrated, and overworked.

I am a branding and mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. I work with hungry, passionate, and driven women to reclaim their power and step into their brand. Together we’ll remove mental blocks, boost your confidence, and build a consistent brand that attracts the abundance and freedom you’ve been craving. Here’s how:

Powerback Session – a 60 min session catered to your specific question, challenges, or strategy needs. These sessions are designed to get you the answers you need, fast. You’ll gain clarity and walk away with actionable next steps. book here

Brand Review – You have a lot of branded things – your logo, website, social media, printed materials, content, and maybe a newsletter, but you’re not sure if your branding and marketing is “good enough.” In a brand review I’ll evaluate every aspect of your brand with a detailed report (that we’ll go over in a Zoom call together) of what’s good as is and which areas need work. You’ll know exactly what needs to happen next to tighten up your branding so that it starts WORKING. book here

The Gutsy Podcast – With over 18k downloads, The Gutsy Podcast is your bi-weekly guide to getting out of your head and back into action as a passionate business Rockstar. I’m bringing you real topics that real business women experience like imposter syndrome, whacky periods, mistakes to avoid, how-to’s, and brand strategy. I keep it real, raw, and I’m just naturally ridiculous – and you get it all (like the time I said bag of assholes). listen here

Courses – this is my next phase. I’m currently developing the Powerback Course, designed for women to reclaim the power they’ve unintentionally given away. Together we’ll work on mindset, money, your voice, and your brand. Sign up to be on the waiting list.



Well, she’s the mothership and she pivots when she needs to. Here’s the easiest way for me to explain…



Question: Are you still designing?
Yes. I’m a designer by nature and get pretty giddy over a great brand experience. I will be taking on a limited number of branding clients that I personally will design for.

What about other people that may want to work with you?
I’ve fully embraced that developing entrepreneurs is one of my gifts. I’ve assembled a team of insanely talented creatives to help execute the plans that my consulting clients and I put together. These are small business owners that have a passion for helping and creating – they’re busting their asses just like the rest of us and I’m proud to partner with them. This includes graphic designers, two marketing companies, a copywriter, and my long-standing website partner. I’ll also continue to work with our sign fabricators, printer, and other production-related teams that we’ve built lasting relationships with.

What design services are you offering?
For our new clients, I’ll be focusing on brand strategy, identity, and office branding (designing a great space is one of my favorite things on the planet).

After building a brand strategy, I’ll assemble the right team to execute the plan. This will include identity systems, website design, campaigns, and office branding. Think of me as the Nick Fury of branding + design. 



This one was actually the hardest. What the hell do I do with a 2,000 square foot office that occupies one person? I prayed on this one, A LOT. And here’s what spoke from my heart…

The short answer:
Yes, I am keeping my space.

The long answer:
I’m evolving my office into an entrepreneurial empowerment hub. I’m a guide – and I’m opening my doors to hold classes, workshops, events, and unique learning experiences. I’ll be hosting working retreats where business owners come to learn and do – all in the same space. I can’t wait to teach and empower entrepreneurs to take their powerback and experience peace and freedom within their businesses.

And in true LauraAura fashion, it’ll be snazzy and comfortable. I want to spoil my guests with amazing coffee in the morning, catered lunches, and delicious wine for happy hour. But more than anything, I want to provide access – clear and direct answers to problems that keeps them from growing. A community of like-minded people that they’ll also learn from and create lasting relationships with. A place of diversity where everyone feels welcome, seen, and heard, regardless of the color of their skin.



This is a lot to unpack and if you’ve read the whole way through, know that I see you and I thank you. I’ve been blessed with a lot of supporters in this journey – this has never been a solo ride. While this pandemic has been heartbreaking on so many levels, I’m grateful for the lessons it’s brought me. You can see the light and walk towards it, or you can choose to let it take away your vision. I for one, always go for the vision.


Thank you.
I love you.
Stay Gutsy.


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