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By Laura Wallace  |  January 12, 2017


You’ve got a logo, a color scheme, business cards and some brochures. Your brand is on the web and on social media. These are all great things! But there’s one area that often gets looked over and it may be one of the most important. Your office.

Branding your space – your office and vehicles – is a way for you to extend your brand to your team and clients. It reinforces your tone, color scheme, personality and messaging. It keeps your core messaging front and center and serves as a reminder of who you are and why it matters.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Branding an office is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I get ridiculously excited about taking a solid brand and creating an environment with it. Here are some examples of what is possible:

• Walls painted the color of your brand

• Wall decals with messaging

• Dimensional nameplates for doors, customized with your brand

• Motivational graphics

• Posters or signs that reinforce your brand

• Wall murals, photos or custom imagery

We recently completed a project for Innovative, Inc. where we did just that. The branded space consists of wall graphics, custom signs, branded colors and motivational graphics throughout the building that leads you from one space to another. There are signs in the main work areas to internally remind team members of the core values that are the foundation of the company’s reputation.

Not only does it wow people when they walk in, but it serves as a positive reminder of who Innovative is and what they stand for. It’s bold. It’s consistent. It’s their brand.

Take a look around your office and ask yourself, is this the best representation of my brand? Some spaces are limited to what they can decorate with. Good news is there are materials available for wall graphics that do not harm the paint and can be taken off with ease. There are almost always options and alternatives and sometimes the simplest change can make the biggest difference.

So how do we get started? We chat!

1. Meet – we’ll meet at your space, take photos, talk about the brand and your goals

2. Estimate – next we’ll gather estimates for design time and printed materials

3. Design – the most fun part, we’ll visually share how your space can transform

4. Print – once everything is approved, we’ll send it off for print and manufacturing

5. Install – it comes to life! Our partner will install your materials for a finished look

Ready to get started? So are we! Contact us to schedule your design consultation meeting at 717-643-1141 or email us at

Photography by Meghan Shupe

Architect & Interior Design MSB Architects

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