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By Amber Buhrman  |  May 24, 2018


A website isn’t the only tool you have to get people interested in your brand, but it is a big part of it. It could be the first time they see your brand, so a clear and concise message is needed to cut through the noise. Even if people are coming to you via word-of-mouth, they will go to your website to learn more about you.

Gone are the days where companies can get away with putting every last detail about their company on each page. Customers only need to know that you have something they want and that they can rely on you to you deliver on whatever that is. Here are five ways to make sure your website visitors are more likely to turn into customers.

Content above the fold.

On many websites, the first thing people will see is a hero image and text above the fold. Above the fold refers to the things you see before having to scroll down the page. Users should know what your brand is and how it will solve a problem in the first few seconds of being on the page.

Tell them what to do.

A clear and direct call to action should be prominently displayed above the fold and in several places throughout the page if applicable. For example, it could appear as a button on the page like this:

To move a user’s eye around the page, it is also a good idea to include these in a “z” pattern down the page. People don’t read every word on a website, but they do scan the page, so if these stand out they are more effective.

Paint a picture with pictures.

More than words can be used to portray an image of success for your brand. Smiling, happy, people that are having a great experience with your brand are far more powerful than a photo of your building. They have meaning because they can help people visualize themselves as part of the lifestyle, the success, or solution you are showing.

Have multiple products or services? Keep it simple.

Some businesses are confused about how to show their diverse list of offerings. Think about the bigger picture and boil it down to a few ways you are helping people better their life. These should only appear further down the page from your overarching message, with more content about each in the interior pages.

Say more with less.

A lot less. Fewer words have more impact because people are simply not reading anymore. More content can be used as customers scroll down the page, but we recommend no more than a few sentences at a time. If your website includes a blog with lots of text, we recommend a landing page featuring the most recent posts with the option to read more. Think of your entire website as an elevator pitch, keeping the copy short, punchy and to the point.

If you get these five things right, you will cut through the noise of all the other content out there, making your message loud and clear.

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